Do You Need a Strategic Website?

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1. How long have you been in the business?

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2. How do you envision your website contributing to your overall business growth strategy?

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3. What specific pain points or challenges are you facing in converting website visitors into clients or leads?

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4. Do you currently track and analyze user behavior on your website?

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5. Do you have clear business objectives defined for your website?

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6. Is your target audience well-defined and understood?

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7. Are you looking to differentiate your studio's brand by identifying and communicating your unique value proposition to potential customers?

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8. Do you recognize the importance of search engine visibility for your studio in attracting leads?

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9. Are you currently investing or planning to invest in content marketing efforts?

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10. Do you have or are you planning to develop a system to capture and follow up with website leads?

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11. Are you prepared to allocate resources for website redesign and possible maintenance/updates?

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12. Have you identified specific brand messaging and storytelling elements for your studio?

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13. Are you open to implementing strategies (Conversion Optimization strategies) to improve website conversion rates?

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14. Are you willing to invest in professional photography or videography for your website?

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15. Are you prepared to engage with a web designer or consultant to develop your strategic website? The development of website strategy is a mutual collaboration and it takes time and effort from your side. 

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16. Do you currently generate leads through your website?

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17. To what extent do your offline lead-generating efforts contribute to consistently getting more leads? (e.g., referrals, networking events)

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18. Have you invested or are you planning to invest in paid advertising channels for lead generation, such as Google Ads or social media advertising?

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19. Are you confident that your studio effectively communicates its unique value proposition and brand story to potential clients?

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